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Our Services

Tree Craft supplies a number of tree care services and related services to commercial, municipal, and residential customers in the Greater Mainline, Philadelphia area. We are fully licensed and insured to provide our professional expertise and services to the community at affordable rates. Our technicians are more than qualified to perform any project associated with the services we offer by having experience in the field, advanced training, and remarkable skills. With the use of high-end products, tools, and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals, we can ensure maximum results. Tree Craft is committed to bringing our customers with a phenomenal experience by applying friendly customer service, high moral standards, exceptional work ethics, and superior execution of all services rendered on consistent bases.

Full Service Tree Company

Tree Craft offers many personalized tree services, specializing in ornamental and fine pruning, trimming, topping, shaping, preventative maintenance, cabling and bracing, big and emergency tree removal, storm damage debris cleanup, planting and transplanting of trees and shrubs etc. We also offer stump grinding, firewood sales and lot / land clearing.

Ornamental & Fine Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree Craft of the Mainline, Philadelphia and surrounding areas performs tree trimming and pruning for ornamental and fine trees to enhance the topping and shaping as well as encourage healthier trees. Our vast knowledge can get any tree in your landscaping properly trimmed and pruned. Unhealthy limbs are expertly removed and trees are aesthetically shaped to emphasize the beauty of your yard.

Tree Planting & Transplanting

Tree Craft can assist with your tree and/or transplanting to maximize their survival and optimize the availability of space in your Mainline Philadelphia home, business, or municipal’s grounds.

Emergency Tree Removal & Storm Damage Cleanup

Tree Craft offers emergency and storm damage cleanup services. Whether a storm has passed through and made a mess in your landscaping with the scattering of branches or fallen trees, our storm damage cleanup can get your yard restored quickly and efficiently. It is not unheard of for trees to be riddled pests and diseases, or simply have been neglected to the point where they are a danger to people or property; that’s where Tree Craft emergency tree removal is utilized by commercial, residential, and municipal customers in the Mainline, Philadelphia area can get the hazardous branches and or trees quickly removed before they fall and inflict harm or damage.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Tree Craft stump grinding and removal service is available for old sick or dead tree have fallen and the root system weak that allows us to the remaining stump. With the use of your top-of-the-line equipment, we can take over where nature left off and remove the tree and dispose of it appropriately in the event it is infected with a disease. It will improve your landscaping aesthetics, avoid safety hazards, and promote healthier vegetation.

Tree Services in Radnor Township, Haverford, King of Prussia, Bala Cynwyd & Greater Wayne, Pennsylvania

Tree Craft additional services are of equal quality, and our experts can assure to our valued customers that your trees and shrubs are ultimately cared for to contribute to the beauty, safety, and health of your commercial, residential, and municipal trees in the Greater Mainline, Philadelphia area. Call Tree Craft today to get started on the tree services you require!

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