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Can You Bring a Dying Tree Back to Life in Wayne, PA? Diagnose Problems, Identify Diseases, Treat & More

Trees are very much alive and like all living things, they can become injured or sick. Trees are vulnerable to swinging temperatures, drought, pests and disease. When they do become ill or injured, without help, the tree will die. A tree can become a major part of a home. A tree can offer shade, protection and even food. Growing a tree is a major investment of time and effort and most people do not want to lose a tree, especially an older tree. For those who have a dying tree, you may wonder what you can do to nurture your tree beck to health. Crecraft For Treecraft Tree Service will share a few tips on how to save a dying tree.

Diagnose Tree Problems

The first step of saving a tree, which can be the most difficult, is knowing what is harming your tree. You will need to figure out what is causing your tree to die. Trees can die from drought, pests and / or disease. If you have an irrigation system, check to see if it is providing your tree with water. There may be a problem which is why a tree is not getting enough water. Once this problem is discovered and repaired, the tree will recover once it is watered correctly.

Identify Any Tree Diseases or Pest Infestations

If it is not the irrigation system, you will want to inspect the tree for pests. If the tree has a dead branch, cut the dead branch off. Inspect the branch carefully. Look for bore holes on the outside of the branch and any holes that go down the center. These holes are clear signs of pest activity. Next, inspect the tree’s leaves. Look for pests such as aphids, eggs, and beetles on the leaves. Most pests affect the underside of the leaf. Some pests can be very small and you may want a magnifying glass to help you get a closer look. In Pennsylvania, the Emerald Ash Borer has been a particular problem these past few years and solutions have been developed to treat this invasive pest. If you cannot find pest activity, you are now left with disease. Depending on the type of tree and your environment, determining which disease is affecting your tree can be difficult. Therefore, you may want to consult with an arborist. However, some signs of disease may include withered or discolored leaves, sudden death of branches, fungi or mold growing on your tree.

Can Trees Come Back to Life

During drought conditions, make sure the trees are getting plenty of water and also mulch the surrounding areas of the tree. Mulch helps to hold water into the soil longer which keeps the roots cool and gives them time to drink. As mulch breaks down, it also puts nutrients back into the soil, feeding the tree. It also helps to use fertilizers and give the tree the minerals and vitamins it needs to stay healthy. You will want to prune your trees and remove the dead or dying branches. By removing the dead or dyeing branches, the tree will be under less stress and will put its strength into growing and recovering. However, do not over prune a tree, especially if it is awake. Over pruning can kill the tree. It is recommended to have an arborist prune your tree for you. If you have a pest invading your tree, the type of pest will need to be determined and then treated. There are a few ways to combat pests invading your trees. The right method will need to be used to target the pest in your tree.

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If you need help saving a dying tree and need proper pruning services, or Emerald Ash Borer treatment and more, contact Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service today.

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