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How Do You Know if a Tree is Too Close to Your House or Otherwise Needs to Be Removed in Penn Valley, PA?

A tree is a living thing that we bring into our yards. We care for the trees we plant. Trees provide shade, homes for birds and other local wildlife, and they become a center point for many children and their adventures. It can be very hard to make the decision to cut down and remove a tree. However, there are some situations where the tree simply needs to be removed. If you are having a hard time making the right decision as to whether or not to have a tree removed, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will share when it is the right decision to have a tree removed.

Tree Too Close to House or Other Structure

Trees are sometimes planted in a bad spot. Trees may be right under power lines, be planted too close to a home or the tree roots are causing havoc on your plumbing system. There are times you may need to have a healthy tree removed simply because of its location. When planting trees it is important to avoid planting too close to the home as well as power lines. You should also know where your plumbing system is. Additionally, know how big the tree can get and make sure to space them out with your other trees and large shrubs. You can avoid cutting down a beautiful tree as long as you plant the tree in the right location.

Tree Disease or Sickness

Trees can get sick, and like people, sometimes the tree can overcome the sickness and other times it cannot. When a tree becomes sick and begins to lose the battle, the tree can become a potential hazard in your yard. Heavier branches can suddenly break off and come crashing down. A good wind storm can blow branches off or even cause the tree to fall down. Depending on the location of the tree, it may be a risk to your home or loved ones. Not only can a sick tree become a safety hazard but it will also allow the sickness to spread to other trees. When you have a sick or diseased tree, you may want to have it removed and quickly so it doesn’t infect the other tree in yours yard. Some common signs of a diseased or sick tree include weak limbs, bowed branches, loss of leaves, and discoloration. If your tree shows signs of sickness, it is time to have the tree removed.

Tree has Fungus

When a tree is sick it can develop fungus. Fungus can also be due to overwatering a tree or a fungus spore was simply blown in. When a tree develops fungus, there is little that can be done to save the tree. You can start by trimming off the affected branches. However, if the main trunk and root system of the tree develops a bad fungus, the tree’s life is over. There are a variety of fungus species that can infect a tree. Some fungus species come in the shape of mushrooms that may grow from the trunk or root of the tree. Some fungus looks like a white webbing or a black powder. Fungus will also spread to other trees and surrounding vegetation. When a tree develops fungus, it is wise to have the tree removed.

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