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Is Stump Grinding a Good Idea in Merion Station, PA? Why it is Important to Remove Tree Stumps & More

Removing a tree fro your property is no small task. It is something that will most definitely require the help of professionals to ensure it is done safely. Once you have removed the said tree, many homeowners are left wondering what in the world they should do with the stump that is often left behind. There are two different options: you can grind it or remove it. There are pros and cons that come with both options. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to talk about the options so you can weigh them out and decide which one makes the most sense for you.

Why is it Important to Remove Tree Stumps?

There are several reasons why you should want to remove a tree stump after getting a tree removed. Here are some of the top concerns you may have with a tree stump in your yard:
– Pests: A stump that is left in your yard can become a popular place for pest infestation. This is particularly true with pests like carpenter ants and termites. If the stump is anywhere near your tree, it can mean that your home is at risk of damage from pest infestation.
– Aesthetics: If you have an errant stump in your yard, it can be an eyesore. It can throw off your entire landscaping design, actually. Many homeowners choose to have them removed so that they can get rid of the visual mark it leaves on their property.
– Roots: Just because you remove the tree, that doesn’t mean that the roots are removed. If they are roots that are sticking up above ground, you may be tripping over them, having a hard time mowing your lawn, and other issues that can arise.
– Planting: When you decide to plant something new in place of the tree, it can be difficult to do with an unsightly stump and roots in the way.

Should You Remove a Stump or Grind It?

Depending on what your plans are for your property, you may choose to grind the stump or have it removed completely. If you are planning on simply planting grass where the tree once was, grinding is probably the easiest route. If you are wanting to plant another tree, you may have to have the entire root system removed so that you have the ability to do some planting. It is all going to depend on what you are looking for. Grinding will be a smaller mess in your yard for sure since removing the stump and roots completely requires quite a lot of digging.

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If you have an old tree stump that you are ready to get rid of, you can turn to Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to help you get rid of it. We offer both stump grinding and stump removal depending on what you are looking for. Call us today!

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