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Should I Cut Back My Trees for Winter in Norristown, PA? Reduce Stress, Make Stronger, Easier to Prune & More

Have you ever wondered why so many people advocate pruning trees during the winter? So many people will say winter is the best time of the year to prune trees, and they are right. There are many reasons why it is highly recommended that you do all of your tree pruning during the late fall or early winter season. To better understand why it is so beneficial to prune trees in the winter, Crecraft for TreeCraft Tree Service will share why you should schedule your tree pruning this winter season.

Reduce Stress on Trees

When you have an overgrown tree that is hanging in the street, over your neighbor’s fence or it may cause a problem for your home, you know you will need to trim the tree back. However, if you have a lot to cut back, you can stress and even kill the tree. Over pruning can be very stressful for the tree, most especially when the tree is awake. During the winter most trees go dormant or are sleeping. This is the best time to do a lot of cutting. If you have more than 20% of the tree to cut back, then you will want to wait until the winter or risk killing your tree.

Does Trimming a Tree Make it Stronger?

If you have a tree that has been struggling this past spring and summer, trimming the tree back may be what it needs. Often when the tree has branches that have been weakened from damage or pest activity, removing these branches helps aid the tree. When the tree wakes back up, it can put all its energy into its healthy branches. They often grow bigger and develop a thicker canopy of leaves.

Insects & Fungi are Dormant in Winter

Come the winter season, a number of insects that cause harm to trees will also go dormant. Insects such as beetles, aphids, ants and other insects that harm trees will either die off or go dormant. When pruning a tree, it is like leaving an open wound for the insects to invade the tree. Pruning in winter gives these wounds time to heal without pests invading and harming the tree. The same can be said for a number of fungi that develops on trees. In the winter, the fungi cannot thrive in the cold temperatures and will go dormant. To ensure healthier trees, pruning them while fungi isn’t a threat is ideal.

Trees are Easier to Cut

In the spring and summer seasons, the leave and flowers are in bloom and the tree has a dense and hopefully, a healthy canopy. As a result, pruning the tree is much more difficult. When a tree has a dense canopy it is hard to make the right cuts and do it safely. Additionally, branches will be heavier and more dangerous to work around. To properly access the tree and determine which branches should be cut and how to cut them safely, it is much better to do it in the winter when the leaves have fallen and the branches are exposed.

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There are many reasons why it is better to prune your trees in the winter. If you need some trees pruned and want them done this winter, you better make an appointment soon as winter is a busy time of year. For tree pruning and more, contact Crecraft for TreeCraft Tree Service today.

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