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Tree Stump Grinding VS Removal in Wayne, PA; Is it Cheaper to Grind or Remove Stumps & More

There are several reasons that someone ends up removing a tree from their property. Maybe the tree isn’t healthy and poses a risk to their home or other buildings on the property. Sometimes, a tree has reached the end of its life and is dead but needs to be removed. No matter the reason, when you have a tree removed, you are left with a stump in its place. This leads to you a choice between stump grinding or stump removal to get rid of it. Tree Craft is here to talk about the difference between the two.

Should I Hire a Tree Service Company to Grind Stump or Remove?

It may seem like stump grinding and stump removal are the same thing, but the process differs between the two.
– Stump Grinding: This process is completely with equipment that will turn the stump basically into sawdust. It grinds the stump above a foot below ground level and leaves the root system intact.
– Stump Removal: This process is going to be much more involved. There will be heavy equipment needed as the entire root system and the stump is removed from the ground. This will mean that your lawn and yard will more than likely get dug up.

Is it Cheaper to Grind a Stump or Remove It?

The first thing that many people will ask when they are faced with choosing the best way to get rid of an old stump is going to be the cost. Homeowners usually have a budget and are trying to decipher which one will be able to fit within it. There are several factors that can come into play when coming up with the cost to remove a stump from your property or to grind it down.
– Stump Grinding: The factors that help determine the cost of stump grinding include things like the stump size, the location, tree type and more. There is also a great deal of labor involved during stump grinding and so that will be considered as well. The type of land that the stump is located on will also impact the cost of the grinding process.
– Stump Removal: Somewhat similar to the list of factors in stump grinding, stump removal cost will vary depending on the diameter of the stump, the age of the stump, and the root complexity of the stump as well. Then of course, the amount of time and labor will need to be considered.

Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Services in West Norriton Township, Tredyffrin Township, East Norriton, Radnor, Wayne, Saint Davids, Lower Merion Township, Norristown, Upper Merion Township, Phoenixville & Greater King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

Whether you are looking for stump grinding or stump removal, you can turn to Tree Craft to help you get rid of your stump once and for all. We use both methods to help you get rid of the stump that is left behind after you have had your tree removed from your property. We will ensure the job is done right so you can move on with new planting. Call us today!

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