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What are the Signs of an Unhealthy Tree in Lafayette Hill, PA? Root Damage & More

A tree will develop some problems or becomes a problem, where you may find you need the aid of an arborist. Identifying when your tree is diseased, weak, or causes a problem is important to ensure the tree receives the proper attention. To ensure your trees are healthy or are not causing a problem or potential hazard, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will share some signs or symptoms that a homeowner should watch for, so they can know when to seek out a professional arborist or tree service.

What Happens if the Root of a Tree is Damaged?

Tree roots can become damaged most often due to human activity. Sometimes the roots are damaged during excavation. Other times roots can become damaged or infested by pests which can cause weakness or even the death of the tree. With proper action, you may be able to save the tree or have the tree removed if it cannot be saved and will become a hazard. Sometimes the roots can become a problem. Tree roots can grow underneath concrete slabs and or foundations and cause damages. Tree roots are also notorious for breaking through irrigation and other plumbing pipes. When a tree root begins to cause problems and needs to be removed, you will need the tree cut down and the stump removed to prevent further root damages.

Should I Worry About a Leaning Tree?

When a tree begins to lean or tilt to one side, this is an early warning sign that the tree will uproot and even fall over. Trees can lean when its canopy becomes overgrown and the tree roots are not strong enough to hold the tree upward. Trees can also lean due to wind storms, weak root systems and even due to soil erosion. When a tree begins to lean, the canopy may need to thinned. The tree may require a support system to help the tree stand up properly and develop a stronger root system. In some cases, the tree may be lost and becomes a hazard. If the tree cannot be saved, it will need to be removed.

How Do You Identify a Leaf Problem?

During the spring and summer seasons, if you noticed that your tree did not develop the normal amount of leaves, this can indicate a problem. When the tree develops sparse leaves. This can point to a pest or disease. When you have poor leaf development on top of discoloration, the tree is in serious need of some help. An arborist can help identify what is causing the tree to be unhealthy. They can locate the disease and share what can be done to combat the disease, Pests can also be treated. If the tree needs its diseased or damaged branches removed, the arborist can remove them to promote healthier leaf development this coming spring.

Can a Tree have Too Many Branches?

When a tree becomes overgrown or develops a thick canopy, the tree may look healthy and lush but that can also become a problem. When branches become overcrowded and the canopy overgrown, this creates a sail for the wind which can blow on the tree and cause the tree to fall over. Branches can also become so heavy the branches break. You will want to remove branches and thin out a tree’s canopy when they become over grown to ensure the longevity of the tree.

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