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What Do You Do with Trees During Spring in Lower Merion Township, PA? Inspect Tree Health & More

Spring is here and what a beautiful time of year it is. The flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are getting their leaves back. Now that it is getting warmer, spring is a great time of year to get your yard looking great again. Have you noticed any dead branches or trees at need to be removed? Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service is here to do just that. We also want to help you learn a few tips that can help your spring tree care.

Inspect Trees to Assess Overall Health

Sometimes when you want a tree to grow really well and look really good, you need to do some pruning. You will want to look for any dead branches, frostbite, or lesions on leaves. If the tree has these things on it then you will want to prune away dead, damaged, or diseased limbs. When you do this, you are making room for healthy branches to grow and making your tree healthier and stronger. If you need help pruning your trees, Crecraft for TreeCraft can help with that.

Why Trees Needs Water

Ensure your trees have enough water for a solid growing season. Deep watering prevents weak surface roots. If the roots are only growing on the surface or not very deep in the ground, then that could lead to the tree falling over in a big storm. When the roots are growing deep underground that will encourage the growth of robust roots. This will help to make your tree to be strong and sturdy and stay up when there are big storms.

Add New Mulch to Replenish

You will want to check mulch levels every year. Spring is a great time to do that. You will want to replenish your mulch when needed. You may want to add new mulch every year because the mulch does break down. When you do add new mulch, the soil should be covered with a 3-5” layer of mulch starting a few inches from the base of the trunk. Then, extending 1-2’ from the tree in all directions. This can really help your tree to grow healthy and strong.

Remove Unwanted Plants from Around Trees

When you are trying to grow trees or really any plant, you will want to make sure you get all of the weeds removed. Make sure the area around your trees is clean and clear. You will also want to get rid of any competing plants such as ivy and grass. If you have grass around your tree, your tree will grow slower. If you have ivy, get rid of it. Ivy can grow and take over all native plants. It can make your trees weaker and more prone to disease if the ivy starts climbing up the tree.

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Spring is the perfect time of year to start getting your yard beautiful. It is also a great time to get your trees looking nice again. If you are needing spring tree care help, give Crecraft For TreeCraft a call. We can help you with all your tree trimming and pruning needs as well as removal of old and dead trees and other related tree services.

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