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What Happens if You Prune Trees in Summer in King of Prussia, PA? Does Pruning Restrict Tree Growth?

Pruning your trees is part of keeping the vibrant and healthy. After all, healthy trees can help make a beautiful landscape for your property. While there are many benefits that come from pruning your trees during the winter months, there are also some benefits that come from pruning during the summer. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to explain why summer pruning can be beneficial for your trees.

Ways Your Trees Can Benefit from Summer Pruning

Following are some of the ways that your summer pruning can be a success:
– Remove Dead Branches: You might notice that as your tree comes back to life in the summertime that there are some branches that remain dead looking. These branches should be removed so that the healthy branches have room to grow properly. These dead branches can also become a hazard if you should experience severe weather.
– Encourage Growth: Sometimes, trees will be showing weak growth even though we are in the middle of the growing season. If this happens to your trees, you can pinch or prune back about 3 inches from en end of each leafy shoot. This will help the tree to grow hearty growth rather than weak growth. This should be left to the professionals that know the right techniques for the best results.
– Good for Fruit Trees: If you are lucky enough to have fruit trees on your property, pruning them in the summer can help you get the best yield possible from your trees. It can also allow sunlight and air circulation throughout the crown of the tree to help promote the growth of your fruit. Your fruit trees need to have robust and durable branch development which you can get if you prune in the summer.
– Pest Control: Sometimes, there might be portions of your trees that have fruit or branches that are infested with mites or aphids. Removing these portions of the tree can help prevent damage from happening to the rest of the tree. Make sure you’re disposing of these limbs that have been infected so that they don’t cause problems for any other trees or shrubs in your yard.

Avoid Heavy Pruning in the Summer

During the summer, you only want to prune for shaping and solid structure. You should be saving all of your heavy pruning for the winter months when the trees are in their dormant states. This will help avoid causing too much stress to the trees.

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If you are questioning whether or not your trees need any summer pruning, you can turn to the arborists at Tree Craft Tree Service for the answers. We will be able to give your trees any pruning that could be beneficial in the summer months. We will also handle all of your winter pruning needs to help your trees grow as strong and healthy as possible. Call us today!

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