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What is Considered a Tree Emergency in King of Prussia, PA? How to Tell if Trees Need to Come Down & More

As a tree grows, the structural integrity can become compromised. There are several reasons for this, including age, damage, disease and pests. When a tree starts to decline, it can become unstable, posing a safety hazard to people, vehicles and structures surrounding the tree. Our Tree Craft experts have provided the following information to inform and educate our customers on when to contact us for emergency tree removal services.

How Do You Tell if a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

Determining if you need emergency tree removal services can be a tricky proposition. Below are some signs of damage to look for that indicate an emergency.
Abnormal Leaning of Tree: If you notice a new leaning, especially if the tree is located near a walkway or structure, contact Tree Craft for assistance. A tree that leans 15% from its normal vertical angle is considered an emergency. A tree that suddenly bends is a sign that it is damaged or dead and should be removed immediately.
Decaying Tree Roots: If you notice any damage to roots or root decay, call a professional tree service company for a consultation. A tree’s root system is also its structural support system, and if the roots are compromised, a strong wind can knock the tree down, damaging property in the process.
Dead Tree Branches: If you can see dead branches in the tree canopy, they should be removed immediately by a Tree Craft specialist. Your tree will be inspected during this process to decide if the tree should be removed. The most important thing to remember about dead branches is that you should not wait to have them removed as they can come crashing down in a strong wind, potentially causing injury to an individual or damage property in the process. If the dead branches are only on one side of the tree, you could have a significant issue with the tree’s structure because once the balance of the tree has been compromised, the tree could fall at any time.
Hollow Trees: If a tree in your yard has a hollow trunk, it’s an indication that the support of the tree has been compromised, and the tree should be removed immediately. Although a tree can live for many years with a hollow trunk, it could fall at any time, making it a safety risk.
Sprouts Growing from the Tree Trunk: Sprouts growing from the tree’s trunk is an indication of extreme stress. Your tree should be immediately inspected to determine the cause of the problem and the decision to remove the tree if needed.

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Trees are living, and even though they have a lifespan of many years, they can still become unstable and sometimes become a safety issue compromising your property in the process. If you notice anything different about the appearance or structure of the trees on your property, contact the experts at Tree Craft for assistance. To learn more about emergency tree removal and tree trimming services, contact the experts at Tree Craft today.

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