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When’s the Best Time to Cut Down a Tree in Merion Station, PA? Damaged Trees After a Storm & More

Trees add value to our environment and properties, providing shade, beauty, and habitats for wildlife. However, under certain conditions, trees can pose major risks to safety and property, necessitating prompt and sometimes emergency removal. Recognizing when a tree becomes a hazard is important for homeowners, property managers, and community members. Tree Craft Tree Service will guide you through scenarios that call for emergency tree removal services, helping you make the right decisions to safeguard both property and personal safety.

Tree Removal After Severe Weather Events

High winds, lightning, ice, and snow are common culprits of serious tree damage. After severe weather, trees might be left with broken branches, split trunks, or could be completely uprooted. These conditions often compromise the structural integrity of trees, making them potential hazards. After a storm, assess your trees for visible signs of distress. If there is noticeable damage, especially to larger limbs or the trunk, contact emergency tree removal services.

Signs of Tree Disease or Decay

Trees suffering from diseases or internal decay might not always show external signs until it’s too late. However, mushrooms or fungi growing at the tree’s base, dead branches, and cavities in the trunk are strong indicators of internal problems. While some trees naturally grow at an angle, sudden leaning indicates instability. This is particularly urgent if there’s recent soil erosion, construction near the tree’s base, or after heavy rainfall. If you observe these symptoms, a professional assessment is crucial. Emergency removal might be necessary if the tree’s structural integrity is compromised.

Tree Proximity to Power Lines

Trees that grow too close to power lines pose fire risks and electrical hazards, especially if branches come into contact with the lines. Do not attempt to prune or remove these trees yourself. Contact your local utility company or emergency tree removal services. They have the proper training and equipment to handle the situation safely.

Tree Obstructing Public Rights of Way

Trees or branches that fall and block public roads or pathways can create immediate risks for accidents and need quick action. Contact local authorities or emergency tree services to clear the obstruction promptly, ensuring safe passage for vehicles and pedestrians.

Cracks & Weak Tree Branches

Overhanging branches that show signs of weakness or cracking are particularly dangerous if they hang over homes, playgrounds, or other areas where people gather. For large branches or those in precarious positions, it is safer to call professionals who can remove the threat without causing additional harm.

Cutting Down Trees Before Major Construction Projects

Major construction can require a tree to be removed, especially if it might lead to significant root damage, destabilizing the tree. Consult with an arborist before construction. If removal is recommended, using a professional service ensures the tree is removed safely, preventing future hazards.

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Emergency tree removal is an essential service designed to reduce immediate dangers posed by compromised trees. Understanding when to call for these services not only protects your property but can also save lives. Always prioritize safety over cost and consult with professionals who can provide the necessary services swiftly and safely. For emergency tree removal services and more, contact Tree Craft Tree Service and schedule our services today.

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