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Why Should You Remove a Dead Tree from Your Property in Norristown, PA; Safety, Damage, Pests & More

It can hard to let go of the trees that are found on your property. They have more than likely added beauty to your home’s landscape for years. However, when you notice that the tree is dying or is dead, it might be time to remove it. There are many reasons why homeowners should remove dead or dying trees from their property. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about why this is so important and how to safely get it done.

Why Should Dead Trees Be Removed?

While it might be a difficult decision to make when you decide to take down a dead or dying tree on your property, it is definitely the right move to make. There are reasons why you don’t want dead trees on your property.
– Danger: When you have a dead tree on your property, it poses an enormous safety hazard. These trees become less and less stable with time and could eventually fall and cause damage to your home, cars, sheds and other features on your property. If there are people around when this happens, it can be fatal.
– Power Line Damage: If a tree falls on your property, it can affect more than just your home. If it falls on power lines, it can knock out the power to your entire neighborhood for many hours. This is not only a significant inconvenience for the neighborhood involved, but it is also a danger to anyone in the vicinity when it happens. It can cause sparking and even a fire if the conditions are just right.
– Insurance Rates: When you have a tree that falls and causes damage to either your property or your neighbor’s property, it can cause your insurance rates to increase. The insurance company will find you liable for this damage will pay you back by increasing your rates.
– Pest Infestation: There are pests like termites and carpenter ants that would love to feast on an infest your dead trees. When they get done with the tree, they will move on to your home for their next meal. You don’t want to get caught with dead trees that are attracting unwanted pests into your yard.
– Aesthetics: Not only will a dead tree pose many risks to your home and property, but it is also an eyesore. No one wants to look at dead trees in their yard. You can actually boost your curb appeal by getting rid of dead trees.

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If you have a dead tree on your property, it is important that you turn to professionals to remove it for you. Removing it yourself, without any training or expertise, can prove to be detrimental. You could end up with significant damage to your property and injuries that can prove to be serious and even fatal. This is why you should turn to Tree Craft Tree Service for all your tree removal needs. Call us today!

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