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Why You Should Not Trim a Tree Yourself in East Norriton Township, PA; What are the Dangers of Trimming Incorrectly?

As the temperature drops and the trees begin to go to sleep, many homeowners will consider trimming and pruning their trees. For those who are considering trimming and pruning their trees themselves, it is important to trim and prune your tree correctly and of course, safely. When you have a lot of trimming and pruning to do, it is highly recommended that you contact a professional tree service. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service would like to share some of the risks of DIY tree trimming and pruning in hopes we help improve your safety and healthier trees.

DIY Tree Pruning Can Result in Injury

When pruning or trimming a tree, it can be dangerous to the trimmer and those around the tree. Trimming is not too hazardous as trimming only removes the smaller branches to promote healthier tree growth and to establish a shape. The only danger of trimming is the risk of falling when trimming the higher branches and when using power cutting tools. Pruning is often a different story. Pruning a tree means that you remove branches that are overgrown, damaged or diseased, or that is putting a home at risk. Pruning often removes the bigger and heavier branches that requires a chain saw. When pruning you must be very careful of both the chainsaw and the heavy branches that will come crashing down. There are a lot of safety measures that are involved when pruning tree branches. For those who have never pruned big heavy tree branch before, it is best to leave those branches to the professionals.

Can a Tree Recover from Over Pruning?

There is more to tree trimming and pruning than cutting off undesirable parts of the tree. When trimming and pruning a tree it is important to identify which branches need to be removed and which branches are necessary for the trees survival. It is important to never over prune a tree. Even in dormancy, over pruning a tree can kill it. It is recommended that you never prune more than 20% of a tree’s canopy. If you prune too much the tree will not be able to recover quickly enough. Each time you cut off a branch it is like leaving an open wound all over the tree. The tree needs to heal quickly enough that it can keep pests and disease out of its wounds. To help aid in the tree’s recovery, it is important to cut the branch off correctly. When cutting the branch you need to cut it close enough to the main trunk of the tree and use the correct angles. If you do not know how much to cut or do not how to make proper cuts, again consider seeking a professional tree service. With proper trimming and pruning you can have a healthier and longer lasting tree.

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When trees need to be trimmed or pruned, there must be a goal. The goals can vary from preventing overgrowth, damage to the home and nearby structures, shaping a tree, or improve the tree’s health. If you find you need professional tree trimming, pruning or other tree services, contact Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service today.

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