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Can a Diseased Tree Be Saved or Should Sick Trees Be Removed in Penn Valley, PA?

Trees are a major investment, not just in the cost of the tree, but also the time of care. Many people will get a younger tree and nurture and care for their trees for many years. As trees grow and mature they not only provide shade, clean air and aesthetics to your yard, they almost become like a part of your home. When a tree develops a disease we often wonder if the tree can be saved or if it needs to be removed from the property. Tree Craft Tree Service would like to share what steps to take when handling diseased trees.

Diagnose; How Can You Tell if a Tree is Diseased?

The very first step of knowing how to handle or care for a diseased tree, is spotting the problem. Some of the common signs your tree has caught a disease are:
• Foliage issues: Discolored, wilting, or falling leaves outside of autumn can indicate a problem.
• Odd Bark: Look for fungal growth, peeling bark, cracks, or unusual swelling.
• Unusual growths: Mushrooms at the base, cankers, or galls can be signs of diseases.
• Pest presence: While not always a disease, pest infestations can lead to sickness in trees.

Research & Identify Tree Disease

Once you have spotted a potential problem, try to identify the specific disease. There are many resources online with images and descriptions of common tree diseases. Knowing what you are dealing with can help with treatment or mitigation.

Isolate Diseased Tree if Possible

If one of your trees is diseased, it is important to prevent the disease from spreading. While you cannot move a tree, you can remove affected branches, leaves, or fruits. Ensure these are disposed of properly and not in a compost heap where the disease can spread.

Consult a Professional Tree Service Company

Consider reaching out to a certified arborist. They can provide an accurate diagnosis and suggest suitable treatments or interventions. Sometimes, diseases can be very similar in appearance but require different treatments.

Treatment Options for Diseased Trees

Depending on the diagnosis, the arborist might recommend:
• Pruning: Removing affected branches can often prevent the spread of the disease.
• Chemical treatments: Fungicides, insecticides, or other treatments might be needed, depending on the disease.
• Soil treatments: Improving soil health can boost a tree’s immune system, helping it fight off diseases.

Monitor & Strengthen Tree

After treatment, keep a close eye on the tree. Look for signs of improvement or any worsening of the condition. Regular monitoring can ensure early detection if the disease returns. A healthy tree can often fend off diseases more effectively than a weak one. Regular watering, mulching, and annual fertilizing can boost a tree’s defenses against diseases.

Consider Removal of Diseased Tree

In some cases, when a tree is severely diseased and poses a threat to other trees or structures, removal might be the best option. It is a difficult decision, but sometimes it is the best way to ensure the overall health of your landscape and safety.

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A diseased tree can be a source of worry for any homeowner, but with the right steps, it is possible to manage and often cure the problem. If the tree needs to be removed or the disease sections trimmed or pruned, contact Tree Craft Tree Service today.

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