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Can You Prune a Tree Incorrectly in Villanova, PA? What are the Results of Improper Pruning of Trees?

If you are lucky enough to have beautiful trees on your property, you want to make sure you’re caring for them properly so that you can enjoy their beauty for years to come. Part of caring for your trees is trimming and pruning them. When you take on this task without experience or training, you can do far more harm than you can good. It is important that you are pruning your trees properly so that you don’t end up causing damage as you trim and prune. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about some of the ways that bad pruning can damage your trees.

What Tree Pruning Technique Should Be Avoided?

When it comes to pruning your trees, there are some cuts that you should never make. Each of these cuts is essentially an injury to your tree. This is why it is so important that pruning is done properly so that you avoid causing serious damage to your trees that they will have a hard time recovering from. Here are some pruning mistakes that you should avoid:
– Flush Cuts: When you make a cut that is too close to the tree’s trunk, it is known as a flush cut. This takes the bark off and doesn’t allow the tree to be able to heal after the cut has been made. This leaves the tree susceptible to pests as well as diseases.
– Stub Cuts: This is the exact opposite of a flush cut. When you make a stub cut, you are leaving a large portion of the branch protruding out of the tree after the cut is made. It is a cut that is too far away from the trunk of the tree. If you can hang a hat on the branch that you have cut, the cut was too far away from the trunk.
– Lion Tailing: You shouldn’t remove interior branches from the tree either and only leave foliage on the ends of the branches. This will leave your tree without the leaves it needs for photosynthesis, susceptible to storm damage, promote sprout growth, and will compromise the structure of the tree.
– Heading Cuts: When you randomly chop off the end of the branch at a indiscriminate point, it can lead to problems as well. Usually, it will force the branch to sprout many small branches around the wound that isn’t pleasing to the eye and isn’t healthy for the tree either. It will not allow the tree to grow naturally either. There are circumstances where heading cuts might be appropriate, but an arborist is the one that should be making that call because of the training and experience they have.

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