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What Should I Do for My Trees During the Fall in Saint Davids, PA? Is it OK to Mulch Around a Tree?

In your home landscape, the trees do not get the same soil or nutrition that trees that grow in the forest do. Trees that grow in the forest, have very rich soil and leaves that fall and can help provide it more nutrients. But when you have trees in your yard it does not get the same nutrients as a forest. There are a few things that you can do to help your trees grow better, even in the fall. Tree Craft Tree Service outline them below.

Is it Worth it to Fertilize Trees?

Soil can lose its nutrients over time, but to help with that, you can apply a slow-release fertilizer in the fall around your trees. This type of fertilizer mimics how nature fertilizes its trees and it will slowly provide the nutrients that trees are looking for during the fall season. When the tree gets consistent nutrients it can continue to grow as the season progresses.

Is it OK to Put Mulch Around a Tree?

Adding high-quality organic mulch can help your trees thrive. When adding mulch it can keep moisture in, maintain good soil temperature, and help the soil be resilient against erosion. Good organic mulch is made up of weed-free straw, wood chips, and ground-up leaves. You want to make sure that you add the mulch before the ground freezes. It’s good to put the mulch over leaves that have already fallen from the tree.

Do Trees have Less Water in the Fall & Winter?

In the summer you want to use water to keep your trees green when it’s hot outside. But in the fall, it starts to cool down and you don’t need to use as much water because the soil naturally stays moist. When trees start to lose their leaves, they need less water to survive than when it’s hot outside. There isn’t as much evaporation from the water. By reducing the amount of water it will help your trees avoid flooding. You may even want to consider just turning off the irrigation system.

Is it OK to Plant Trees in the Fall?

When you think of fall you think of colored leaves and them falling on the ground. But many people don’t know that it is a great time to plant new trees. The weather is turning cooler and it is a great time for those roots to grow in the ground. The roots can grow throughout the fall and go dormant in the winter and then you can start to get new top growth in the spring and summer.

Trim Trees

Trimming your trees is essential so that your tree continues to grow and flourish. You want to prune any dead, unsafe, or diseased branches from your tree. This is to protect you and your home, but it is also to help the tree grow better and help the shape and structure of your tree. If you have dead tree branches, they do not do well in the winter and they need to be cut back.

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If you have branches that are too large for you to handle call a professional to come and trim your trees. They know what they are doing and they can handle it safely. If you need any help taking care of your trees, then give Tree Craft Tree Service a call and they can come and help you get your trees ready for the fall.

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