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How Can We Protect Trees from Storms in East Norriton Township, PA? Tree Pruning!

On the east coast and specifically in the state of Pennsylvania, June through November is hurricane season and leading up to this hurricane season there are many intense storms. Before the major storm season arrives, there is a lot you can do to reduce the amount of storm related damages. One step you will want to take is trimming and pruning your trees. Spring and fall are the best times of year to prune and trim back your trees. The heavier the tree’s canopy is, the more damage your trees can do. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will share why it is important to trim and prune your trees before the hurricane season.

Hurricane & Storm Proof Trees

Pruning and trimming your trees is important to prevent damages during major storms and hurricanes. As a strong deep rooted tree will not fall over during an intense wind storm, the weaker limbs in the canopy can come crashing down. Weakened, dead or damaged limbs can pose a major threat if they come crashing down on your home or vehicles. If a tree canopy is too thick and the root system is not strong enough to support the tree during a storm, the entire tree can come tumbling down. With proper trimming and pruning, you can prevent a dense canopy that causes trees to fall. Weaker and damaged branches can be removed to ensure only healthy branches remain. You can reduce the amount of damage a tree may cause during a storm.

Which Trees are at Risk During a Storm?

Not all trees need to be cut and pruned, while other trees desperately need some attention. Knowing when to seek a tree service is key to preventing tree related storm damages. Some of the signs to look for so as to know when to have your tree trimmed or pruned are:
• The trunk and major limbs have cracks
• The trunk is hollowed and has developed fungi like mushrooms.
• Leaning or weighed down branches.
• Tree limbs are in contact with power lines.
• Branches that cross and interfere with one another.

Hire Professional Tree Trimmers & Pruners

There is more than just cutting a tree branch and thinning out your tree’s weaker branches. You must be careful how to trim the tree to avoid exposing the trunk which leaves the tree open to disease, pests and decay. You will want to have the tree safely and properly trimmed and avoid cutting essential tree limbs for a healthier tree. It is equally important to identify the right branches to cut. Removing larger branches high up in a tree is also dangerous. For these many reasons, you will want to seek a professional tree service to trim and prune your trees. To properly prepare for the upcoming stormy season, you will want to schedule a tree pruning and trimming now. By preparing your trees for high wind storms, your home, vehicles and property will be less impacted and safer overall.

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If you have trees that are overgrown or have weak limbs and branches and you want to be better prepared for the stormy season, contact Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service. Schedule tree trimming and pruning services today.

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