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How Do You Know if a Tree is Beyond Saving & Needs to Be Removed in Tredyffrin Township, PA

Property owners want trees on their property for a number of different reasons. Whether they are looking for beauty, shade, or are looking to diversify their landscape, trees will check all of those boxes. When you have had a tree on your property for a long period of time and have grown to love it, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to say goodbye. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about some of the signs that point to a tree being dangerous and in need of removal.

How Do You Know if a Tree is Dying and/or Will Fall Over?

Following are some of the signs that you should look for the indicated as time for you to contact an arborist for tree removal services:
– No Tree Growth: When you notice that your tree is not growing and thriving like the trees around it, this is often an indication that it is in trouble. You may notice that the leaves are sparse on the branches or are shriveled. You might even notice that the foliage is discolored. This all means that your tree isn’t growing the way that it should be.
– Dead Branches in Crown: You should never notice large portions of the tree’s crown dying. When there are large branches that have died, they can become a danger to anyone around the tree. These portions of the crown can fall at any given moment and cause serious injury.
– Tree Root Issues: You shouldn’t notice the soil heaving around the base of your tree. You also shouldn’t notice fungi growing at its base either. These are two big indications that you have root issues, and the tree could be compromised.
– Hollowness in Tree Trunk: Any time a tree is hollow, it can be extremely dangerous. If more than 1/3 of the tree’s trunk is hollow, you know that it is definitely time to look into removing the tree.
– Leaning Tree: Not all trees that are leaning are dangerous. However, if you had a tree growing straight and true but notice that it is all of a sudden leaning, you will need to be concerned about it.
– Tree Near Power Lines: You never want your tree growing anywhere near power lines. Trees that are coming in contact with power lines can pose a serious fire hazard. Some trees can simply be pruned away from power lines, but others will need to be removed completely.
– Tree Too Close to Structures: Another common reason trees are removed is that they are too close to structures. Sometimes, trees can be pruned away from houses. However, if there are any other signs that indicate there is a problem with the tree, the best course of action will be removal.

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If you have trees on your property that are showing signs that they are no longer safe and need to be removed, you can turn to the arborists at Tree Craft Tree Service to come and take care of the issue. We have the equipment and experience needed to safely remove any problematic or unhealthy trees from your property. Call us today!

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