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What is the First Aid of a Damaged Tree After a Storm in East Norriton Township, PA? Can it Be Saved?

Severe weather events like storms, hurricanes, and strong winds can wreak havoc on your landscape, often leaving damaged trees as a result of their destructive power. A tree that might have seemed sturdy and healthy before the storm can quickly become a major risk to your property and the safety of everyone nearby. This situation often calls for emergency tree removal. Today, Tree Craft Tree Service would like to guide you through the steps of handling storm damaged trees and ensure the safety of your household and property.

Assess the Storm Tree Damage

The first step after a storm passes is to first assess the situation. Look for obvious signs of damage such as fallen trees, broken branches, leaning trees, or uprooted stumps. Remember, safety is essential. If you notice a tree or branches touching power lines, do not attempt to remove them yourself. Call your local utility company immediately as they are equipped to handle these types of dangerous situations.

Contact a Professional Arborist

If you find that a tree poses an immediate threat, it is time to call a professional arborist and or tree service. They are trained to handle emergency tree work and have the proper tools and equipment to safely tend to storm damaged trees. It is important to act quickly, as damaged trees can fall without warning.

Document the Storm Tree Damage

Before any cleanup or removal begins, document the damage. Take photographs of the storm damaged trees, especially if they have caused any damages to your home or property. This can be useful when filing an insurance claim.

Tree Removal Process

A professional arborist will be able to determine the best method for removing the damaged tree based on its size, location, and the extent of the damage. If the entire tree needs to be removed they determine the best method to safely remove the tree. In other situations, compromised branches may need to be removed and not the entire tree. Once the tree has been safely removed, there will likely be debris to manage, including leaves, branches, and potentially the stump. Your tree service can assist with this cleanup and offer services like stump grinding to remove the stump.

Tree Storm Damage Prevention

Prevention is the best way to protect your property from future storm damage. Regular tree maintenance, including pruning and health assessments by a professional services or arborist, can help prevent damage in future storms. They can detect signs of disease or instability that may cause a tree to be more prone to storm damage. With proper maintenance your tree will be stronger and have a better chance dealing with strong storms.

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Dealing with storm damaged trees can be stressful and challenging depending on the situation. But by seeking or calling in the professionals, and managing the aftermath responsibly, you can effectively prevent the risk to your property and ensure its safety. Proactive tree care is the best way to prevent storm damage and keep your landscape healthy and resilient for years to come. For quality tree services, contact Tree Craft Tree Service today.

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