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How Do You Know when a Tree Needs to Be Pruned or Removed in Merion Station, PA?

With the many benefits and beauty trees offer, many people include them in their property’s landscaping. Well-maintained trees can be a healthy, strong addition that causes little worry. However, there are some instances where trees need to be removed. Weather damage, poor maintenance, disease, and other such factors can make the tree a threat to safety or structure preservation. Today, we at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service would like to share the signs that tree removal is best.

Tree Inspection

1) Age & Average Height of Trees. Similar to people and animals, trees can be affected by stressful circumstances. Eventually, trees weaken and decay at an accelerating rate from the stress, leaving hazardous conditions.
2) Assess Tree’s Condition. When a tree’s health is poor, visual symptoms frequently appear. Inspect for any dead twigs, dead branches, and small or off-colored leaves when you evaluate the health and condition of your trees. Unless they lie dormant in the winter, lush, green leaves and strong sturdy branches indicate a healthy tree.
3) Identify Tree Species. Take the time to identify the various species on your property. Various species attract different pests or can be susceptible to specific illnesses. How to protect during the seasons as well as different treatments like feeding, watering, and mulching are necessary. To protect during the seasons as well as different treatments like feeding, watering, and mulching are necessary you need to know their climate and basic needs.

How Do You Know if a Tree is Unhealthy?

Tree Cankers. The indents or complete voids in the bark are cankers. Being fairly common, cankers are a result of an illness or injury. If you notice them, seek expert advice since they can present a hazard.
Cracks in Tree Trunk. Through the bark, a deep split is a crack. when a tree is dying. Often, when a tree is dying, these cracks develop. A simple minor crack is nothing to fret about because if caught before it extends through the bark of the tree, it can usually be saved. A more serious problem is the presence of a crack extending through the stem. The presence of a crack extending through the stem is a more serious problem. It is better off removed should a tree commonly develops cracks if the tree is likely to have health problems.
Deadwood. Deadwood exhibits wood that looks dead on the branches, trunk, or the stems; they look and feel dry, brittle, and unbendable.
Tree Decay. Decay usually starts internally and spreads outwardly. Trees are susceptible to falling over while displaying signs of decay. Decaying trees make the wood feel soft and crumbly and the trees are likely to develop holes. The mushrooms and other fungal activity are also apparent on decaying trees.
Tree Root Problems. Being extremely dangerous, trees with a root problem are not anchored to the ground securely. Poor roots can make the tree fall down easily or blow ever, often resulting in injury or property. Any roots exposed above ground looking dead, severed, or unhealthy are a danger and the tree should be removed.
Poor Tree Posture. Though it may not necessarily need to be removed, a tree with poor posture suggests an issue that needs exploring.
Weak Tree Branch Unions. Due to lack of nutrients, when branches are trying to grow too close together, it makes weak which leaves or both branches growing insufficiently. You can save the tree with early detection, but prolonged weakness can be a detriment.

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You need it done safely and efficiently when you need a tree removed, no matter the circumstances. Call Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service and let us take care of your tree removal needs.

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