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How Do You Prepare for Trees for Winter in Phoenixville, PA; Trim Branches, Tree Cabling, Improve Soil & More

As a homeowner, there is usually a long list of things that need to be done to make sure your home and property is ready for what winter has to bring. We are moving into that season where you will be checking things off your list as you get them accomplished. One thing that you need to be sure you have on your list is tree care. There are a few things that need to be done to make sure your trees are ready for the winter season. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to share some fall tree care tips that will get your trees ready for winter so they will survive.

How Do I Make My Soil Better for Trees?

You might think that trees should be fine once they have been planted. No one takes care of the trees that are found in a forest, after all. However, the trees in the forest are constantly having organic matter mixed in with the soil from fallen leaves and other sources. Your residential trees don’t get that. Here is what you need to do to tend the soil for your trees.
– Fall Fertilization: You will want to add a slow release fertilizer to the soil during the fall. This will allow your trees to get all the nutrients that they need throughout the winter months without overloading them with fertilizer.
– Mulch: A good organic mulch is needed in the fall to give your trees protection throughout the winter as well. A good mulch made from leaves, straw or wood chips can be great to help keep moisture in the soil, maintain soil temperatures, and fight against erosion.
– Reduce Water: During the summer months, your trees need a lot more watering than they will during the fall and winter. The soil will retain more moisture during the fall than in the summer. If you haven’t already, reduce the amount of water that you are giving your trees to prepare them for winter time. If you have evergreens, make sure they get a good soak as you move into the winter months though.

Trim Branches & Cable Trees as Needed in the Fall

This is a good time to clean up your trees as well. You need to make sure any trimming is taken care of before the snowy season hits. You will want to cable and brace any trees that need a little more support throughout the winter as well. Give your trees a good inspection at this point in the year so that they can be as prepared as ever for winter. If you notice a lot of leaf litter in your beds, this is the time to get it cleaned out.

Fall Tree Care, Emergency Tree Removal in West Norriton Township, Tredyffrin Township, East Norriton, Radnor, Wayne, Saint Davids, Lower Merion Township, Norristown, Upper Merion Township, Phoenixville & Greater King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

If you need help getting your trees ready for the fall and winter seasons, you can turn to Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to help. We have the training and skills to know exactly what your trees need to thrive during the dormant time of year. Call us today!

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