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What Tree Diseases are Killing Trees in West Norriton Township, PA? Fire Blight, Armillaria Root Disease & More

When a tree becomes diseased, the diseases can spread and kill off many of your other trees. Not only will you lose your trees, but a diseased tree can pose a danger and needs to be removed. There are many local tree species throughout the State of Pennsylvania, and many of these trees are prone to certain diseases. To help prevent and treat diseased trees, Crecraft for Treecraft will share some of our state’s tree diseases, what causes them, and how to help save your tree.

Common Tree Diseases

Both natural grown tree and landscaping trees are often prone to developing the same types of disease. A number of diseases can occur which can kill off your tree if they are not quickly treated. Some of the common tree diseases in Pennsylvania to watch for are:
• Apple Scab – Leaves and apples will develop brown and dried spots all over.
• Anthracnose – Dry reddish brown spots will develop starting on the outside of the leaves. The bark of branches will also crack and peel.
• Armillaria Root Disease – Near the base of the trunk, a brown colored mushroom will grow, and the mushroom will grow upwards. The mushrooms will also cause the bark of the trunk to fall off.
• Cedar Apple Rust – Rusty colored spots will form on the tree leaves. In some cases a spiky ball will form which is a fungi. Fungi is most common on evergreen tree species.
• Fire Blight – The leaves will look as if they were brunt and affect an entire branch of the tree.
• Powdery Mildew – The leaves and branches will look like they have been covered in a white powder.
• Verticillium – Leaves will first turn yellow. The inside of a branch or the trunk of the tree will have a brown ring.

What Causes Tree Disease

Tree disease can be caused from a number of different elements. Fungi is often born from moisture. If there has been a heavy rainy season and the soil cannot dry out properly, fungi will develop. Once fungi matures, which happens very quickly, they release spores to aid in the spreading of the fungi. Other tree disease can be transferred to the tree by pests and parasites. Diseases in trees are most likely to occur in trees that are old, overcrowded, when damaged, or during periods of drought. When trees age they become weak. Similar to humans, our elderly can have weaker immune systems. Trees that are aging need additional help fighting diseases. When there are too many trees planted too close together, you get overcrowding. Overcrowding makes it much easier for fungi and other disease to spread. When the outer bark of the tree is damaged, the tree has a weak point and cannot ward off the disease. Of course, when the tree is going through periods of drought, it becomes weak and is vulnerable. It is important to help keep your tree healthy and by watering them during extended periods of drought.

Tree Disease Treatment, Emergency Dead & Dying Tree Removal in West Norriton Township, Tredyffrin Township, East Norriton, Radnor, Wayne, Saint Davids, Lower Merion Township, Norristown, Upper Merion Township, Phoenixville & Greater King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

If fungi or a disease does infect your tree, you will want to remove the infected branch or have the diseased tree removed to prevent the spread of the disease. If you need help combatting tree disease or require tree services, contact Crecraft for Treecraft today.

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