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How Do You Take Care of a Tree in the Spring in West Norriton Township, PA? Prune Branches & More

Maybe you have a lot of large trees in your yard or maybe just a few that you have started growing. No matter where you are with the trees in your yard, you want to make sure that you take care of them properly so that they continue to grow without disease and continue to be healthy. Following these few spring tree care tips by Tree Craft Tree Service can help you continue to have beautiful trees in your yard.

How Trees Become Dormant

The trees are pretty amazing. As cold as winters can be, trees are extremely resilient. They allow themselves to go dormant during the cold, and then in the spring when it starts to warm up they start to wake up and grow. Scientists believe that trees will block communication between their cells during the cold winter. This prevents growth from happening.

Inspect Your Trees

Once it starts to warm up you want to go out and inspect your trees. During a harsh winter, it can impact your trees. While you are inspecting your trees look for any injuries to your trees. You want to look for anything such as bark that is split or browning on your evergreens. This can happen from the winter burn. Spring is a perfect time to start treating your trees for any of these conditions.

Prune Tree Branches

Spring is a perfect time to start pruning away branches. The best time to prune a flowering tree or shrub is after they have started blooming in the spring. These types of trees are set in the fall so when you shape your plant or prune away branches, it will end up having fewer flowers. It is good to prune if there are any cross limbs, or damaged limbs, or just to improve the shape of your tree or shrub.

Use Mulch Around Trees

To help your plants grow even better bring out the mulch during the spring. This helps keep moisture in and even the temperature. This will help if the temperatures drop back down in the spring. Mulch has many benefits that will help your plants such as preventing weeds and attacks from bugs. You want to do 3 inches of mulch around your tree but do not pile the mulch up your tree trunk and make a mulch volcano.

Start Watering Trees

When it starts warming up, you need to start watering your plants. It is best to do deep watering, but don’t overwater or do it too often. You need to monitor your plants and watch for moisture levels. You don’t want them to dry out either. Spring is the perfect time to start checking your sprinkler system. Make sure it is working properly without any broken sprinklers and make sure that it covers the area that you need watered.

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You can have a beautiful yard in the spring and continue in the summer. When you take proper care of your yard. Following these few tips can help keep your trees and shrubs, looking beautiful in the spring and into the summer. If you need help with your trees then give Tree Craft Tree Service a call.

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