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What is Tree Cabling & Bracing? How to Tell if Your Trees Needs Extra Support in Phoenixville, PA

The last thing that any homeowner wants is to have to remove a tree from their property. Trees add beauty and diversity to any landscape. However, if your tree isn’t cared for and maintained properly, you might run into the difficult decision to remove it due to safety concerns. If your tree isn’t structurally sound, removal might not be the only option for you. Trees can have extra support installed so that they can safely continue to thrive on your property. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about what can be done to give your tree extra support when it needs it, and how you know it’s time to add that extra support.

Structural Problems for Trees

There are different problems that can result in a tree that is lacking the structural integrity it needs to remain standing on its own. When this happens, the tree can become a danger to anyone in the area. Know what this issues are can help a homeowner determine whether or not their tree is in trouble.
– Old Trees: As your tree gets older, it isn’t uncommon for structural issues to come up. More than likely, your old tree has seen its fair share of severe weather that can often lead to damage. If this is the case, it is important to be proactive and get some support in there to help keep the tree standing upright.
– Codominant Stems / V-Crotches: When a tree is damaged by severe weather it can create weak points in the tree’s connective tissues. The wider the angle or the split, the bigger the problem. A larger split will also increase the risk of further damage to the tree.
– Overextended Tree Limbs: If you have a tree with overextended limbs, it can an issue as well. When this is the case, extra foliage often grows toward the end of the branch and can easily cause the branch to break.
– Shallow Tree Roots: When trees aren’t planted properly, it can cause shallow roots to grow rather than the deep roots that are needed to properly support the tree.

Types of Tree Support

There are two different types of support used for trees:
– Tree Bracing: A rigid, static system known as bracing can be put in place to give your tree the support it needs to withstand high winds and the onslaught of severe weather.
– Tree Cabling: A stronger type of support for your tree is done with cabling. There are two different types of cabling static and dynamic.

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At Tree Craft Tree Service, it is our goal to help your trees thrive and live a long life. If your tree is showing signs of weakness and a need for some extra support, you can call on our arborists to come and give them a thorough inspection. We can locate the weak points and come up with a solution that allows to tree to continue to grow but will allow it to do so safely. Call us today!

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