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How Do You Tell if a Tree Needs to Be Removed in King of Prussia, PA? Slanted Trees & More

Homeowners can struggle with decisions on whether you need to call for an emergency tree removal service or play out the tree’s behavior and see if it can survive. Though backyard trees may appear strong, sturdy, and resistant to all types of weather, trees are more susceptible to disease and structural issues than you may think, and be a major risk as they can fall over under the smallest of circumstances. In the event you require a tree removal service, the professionals of Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Services is readily available to come to your assistance promptly to your property and take care of the hazardous tree safely and efficiently. You can avoid a dangerous situation in your yard, simply by being proactive and setting up tree cutting or tree removal at the first sign of an issue. Today, we at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Services would like to share the reasons as to why you need tree removal service.

Signs of a Diseased Tree

From time to time, take a moment to inspect your trees for signs of disease as you go about performing your landscaping maintenance around the grounds of the property. Common symptoms of disease in trees are commonly spotted leaves, unusual growth patterns, and other such signs. You should contact an immediate tree removal service in the event you notice that one or more of your trees are showing signs of disease.

Tree is Slanted or Leaning to One Side

You are likely familiar with the common growth pattern and overall silhouette of the trees in your yard as the homeowner. When a tree is noticeably beginning to lean to one side, strongly suggesting an emergency tree removal service is required. When it is close to falling over, the tree will frequently start to lean over. The neglect of this red flag can result in the tree being knocked over with just the right pressure from the wind or other forces, leading to costly property damage or serious injuries.

Trees Too Close to Power Lines or Structures

The branches of the trees may start to spread over the roofline of your home, or into the power lines as the trees continue to grow taller and taller over the years. These branches can fall and cause significant damage to your home and powerlines should a major windstorm or other weather event occur. Do not wait to schedule emergency tree services when you being to notice tree branches hanging over your house. To make sure that your home is protected from falling tree branches and trunks during the next big storm, the tree trimming experts can easily and safely can cut away the dangerous branches. Following a severe weather storm. Wind, lightening and other weather to destroy tree branches and even the trunk. Should you notice that a tree was significantly damaged during a storm and the branches are barely hanging or the tree is leaning, call for immediate removal.

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If you have trees that need to be removed in Kitsap and Mason Counties, WA, call in the experts of Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Services and let our professionals assist you with safe and efficient tree removal.

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