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Why is the Bark Falling Off My Live Trees in Collegeville, PA? Sun Scald, Tree Disease & More

When a tree begins to shed its bark, you may wonder if it is a good or a bad thing. Trees take years to grow and becomes a major investment to any home and yard. It is natural to care for your trees. You might wonder if your tree should be shedding its bark. It depends on the species of tree. There are some trees that naturally shed their bark and it is a good thing. However, some trees should never shed their bark and is a common warning sign the tree is unhealthy. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will share more about tree bark shedding and when it is a bad sign.

Seasonal Bark Shedding and Exfoliation Trees

There a many species of trees that do shed the bark as they grow. Nut and fruit producing trees do shed their bark as they grow. Other similar tree species such as birch, silver maple, hickory, pine, redbud and sycamore trees will shed its bark much like a snake sheds out of its skin as they grow. When these species of trees shed their bark, it means it is growing and is very healthy. For fruiting, nut and these other species of trees will exfoliate their bark and its completely normal and is nothing to worry about.

Unhealthy Bark Shedding

Unhealthy bark shedding can be caused by weather related stress. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can cause damage to your tree. Frost crack is when extreme cold temperatures suddenly strikes, it can cause the bark of the tree to split. The cold not only can cause the bark to crack but the trunk to crack as well. A similar type of cracking can also occur when the temperature is very hot.

Sun Scald on Trees

Sun-scalding is another type of injury that affects the tree’s bark. Sun-scalding occurs when winter is coming to an end and spring is beginning to start. The warming temperatures along with direct sunlight hitting the tree often tricks the tree into awaking up out of dormancy. When a cold night sets in, the cold actually hurts the tree. Sun-scalding will leave blotchy brown spots and brittle patches on the tree bark, which eventually falls off.

Pest Invasion and Tree Disease

Shedding bark can also be a sign of a pest infestation or a fungal infection. When the tree bark develops a fungus, the tree bark can become brittle and develop a black like powder. Some fungal infections may also develop a fuzzy growth on the underside of the bark. A fungal infection can weaken the bark and eventually sheds off. Pest can also weaken the entire tree and lead to bark shedding. Some of the common pests that can quickly invade trees and cause tree bark to shed are:
• Elm Bark Beetle
• Emerald Ash Borer
• Aphids
• Japanese Beetle
• Spider Mites
• Bagworms
• Gypsy Moths
• Tent Caterpillars
When you have a tree that is having an unhealthy bark shedding, you may need to have the tree removed. When a tree becomes too weak it can become a major health hazard. You can prune the disease and damaged part of the tree. However if too much bark has fallen off, the tree may not be recovered.

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