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How Does the Change in Seasons Affect Trees in Norristown, PA? Need for Tree Pruning & More

When it comes to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, it’s important to understand that care is not a thing you do once. Just as our own needs change with the seasons, so too do the needs of our trees. Whether it is the budding blossoms of spring, the blazing sun of summer, the crisp winds of fall, or the chilly snows of winter, each season brings its own challenges and requirements for tree care. Tree Craft would like to share a basic guide of tree care for each season.

Spring Tree Care

Spring is a time of renewal, with trees budding (growing leaves and flowers) after the long winter. It’s an ideal time to assess the health of your trees after the colder months and to prepare them for the growing season ahead.
• Pruning: Remove any dead or damaged branches that may have been caused by winter storms. This will stimulate new growth and prevent disease from spreading.
• Fertilizing: Give your trees a good start by providing them with a slow-release fertilizer that will help them regain the nutrients they lost during winter.
• Watering: Spring rains are often sufficient for tree hydration, but if it’s a particularly dry season, regular watering will help your trees grow strong and healthy.

How to Help Trees in Summer

As the weather warms up, your trees will be in full growth mode. Summer care is largely about maintaining your tree’s health and watching for signs of stress.
• Mulching: This helps to retain moisture, control weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Mulch should be applied in a circle around the base of the tree, but not touch the trunk.
• Watering: Summer heat can be a stressful time for trees. Water them deeply, especially during periods of drought.
• Pest and Disease Inspection: Summer is the prime time for pests and diseases. Regularly inspect your trees for signs of distress and contact a professional tree service if you notice anything concerning.

Fall Tree Care Checklist

In autumn, trees prepare themselves for winter. This is a good time for homeowners to help prepare their trees for winter as well.
• Pruning: Remove any dead or damaged branches before they break off under the weight of winter snow or ice. However, for most trees, it’s best to wait until late winter for major pruning tasks.
• Planting and Transplanting: Fall is a great time to plant new trees, as the cooler temperatures and rainfall can help to encourage root growth.
• Mulching: Just like in the summer, mulching in fall can help protect tree roots from temperature extremes and retain soil moisture.

Keep Trees Alive During Winter

During the winter, trees go dormant depending on the species, but that doesn’t mean your tree care work is done.
• Winter Pruning: Pruning during dormancy stimulates spring growth. It’s also easier to see the structure of your trees without their leaves.
• Tree Wraps: For young or thin-barked trees, consider using tree wraps to prevent sunscald or frost cracks caused by the changing winter temperatures.
• Snow Management: Brush off heavy snow from branches to prevent them from breaking but do so gently to avoid causing damage.

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In every season, the goal is to keep your trees healthy and strong so they can provide beauty and shade for many years to come. If you’re ever unsure about the best way to care for your trees, a professional tree service can help. For seasonal tree pruning and more tree services, contact Tree Craft today.

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