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How Does CODIT Pruning Benefit Your Trees in Lower Merion Township, PA? Remove Suckers & More

Many of us enjoy the trees that are on our property. Trees add so much to your landscape; it’s no wonder that so many people want to make sure their property had trees on it. They offer us fresh air, shade, and let’s not forget, beauty. It doesn’t matter what type of trees you have growing in your yard, it is essential that they are maintained properly in order for them to grow properly. This means that they need the right type of pruning. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to talk about CODIT pruning and why it is essential for the trees on your property.

Structural Problems of Trees

There are many structural dangers that can potentially harm your tree if you aren’t careful. It is important that you are able to recognize them so that you can keep them from harming the trees on your property.
– Entangled Branches: When branches grow across each other or are twisted together, it can cause issues for the overall health of the tree.
– Overcrowding Trees: It is essential that all the branches on your tree are able to get ample light for photosynthesis. Overcrowding can hinder this from happening when there are too many branches found in the canopy.
– Tree Root Suckers: This is new growth that is shooting out from the bottom portion of the tree or the tree roots. These suckers will steal nutrients from the tree.
– Co-Dominant Tree Stems: This means that there are two different stems that are completing for dominance. Once of them needs to be removed.
– Tree Water Sprouts: These branches shoot straight up and will work to drain resources from the tree.

What Does CODIT Pruning Mean for Trees?

CODIT (Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees) is a set of pruning techniques that removes any branches that are negatively affecting the tree. This type of pruning helps prevent any decay and remove any portions of the tree that have started to decay. This is essential to the health and structure of your tree. Following are some ways that CODIT pruning can benefit your trees:
– Removing one of the co-dominate stems
– Removing any lateral growth that could contribute to entangled branches
– Corrects entanglement by removing one of the branches in order to free another
– Removing any suckers that zap the tree of nutrients
– Ensuring all dead or dying limbs are removed so that there is less risk of decay
– Thinning out the canopy so there is maximum photosynthesis
– Remove any water sprouts that can rob nutrients from the main branches on the tree

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If you have a tree that hasn’t been pruned professionally in quite some time, it’s time to call on the professionals at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service to come take care of it. We will prune your tree so that its structure is as strong as possible. You can trust no one like our team of highly qualified arborists. Call us today!

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