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What Helps Trees Grow Faster in Collegeville, PA? Right Tree Selection, Pruning & More

There’s nothing more beautiful than a mature tree in your landscaping. When you have planted a baby tree, it can be a long wait before you get to enjoy the many benefits of the tree. While trees might be the best way to spruce up your yard, they are definitely not the fastest way to do so. There are a few things that you can do to speed up the growth of your tree though. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service is here to share some tips to help you speed up the growing process of your tree.

How Can I Make My Trees Grow Faster?

While your tree will most certainly grow with a little bit of patience, there are some things that you can do to help encourage it to grow faster.
– Choose the Right Tree: before you plant a tree in your landscaping, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right tree for the climate that you live in. You should do a little bit of research before you plant a tree. Make sure that you have the right soil, the right climate, and the the tree will look the way that you want it to.
– Test the Soil: You need to check your soil for nutrients and the pH level before you plant a tree. You need to make sure you have the right soil for the tree that you’re planting or it won’t thrive.
– Have Enough Growth Space: One mistake that many homeowners make when planting a new tree is not making sure that they have the space to accommodate the tree when it is fully matured. If the tree doesn’t have enough space to thrive it can run into issues with root development, nutrient absorption, and crowding. You certainly want to make sure that it is not too close to your home, or you could run into issues with your foundation.
– Water Trees: This might seem obvious but trees need a significant amount of water to grow properly. The amount of water they get can play a large role in how fast they grow. You do want to make sure that you do not overwater them and cause root rot though. Make sure you understand how much water the type of tree you plant needs.
– Mulch Tree Base: Mulch can make a significant difference in how well your tree grows. Not only will it help with water retention, but it will also help give the tree more nutrients to help it grow quicker.
– Tree Pruning: Pruning is something that should be done with precision. When you prune the tree properly it can help encourage more growth. However, there is a fine line between pruning it properly and damaging the tree with pruning. This is why it is best left to the pros.

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