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Why is My Tree Dying in the Summer in King of Prussia, PA? Heat Stress, Drought, Pests & More

The summer weather brings warm temperatures and many opportunities to spend time outdoors with friends and family, cooking and enjoying the view. Trees are essential, providing shade, absorbing carbon dioxide, and replacing it with oxygen. A tree can also provide a cool place to sit and relax. Along with the sunshine, heat can harm plants and trees if they are not properly maintained. Your trees are at the mercy of rising temperatures, pests, and diseases, which are much more common during summer. The experts at Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service have provided the information below regarding common summer tree problems and how to prevent them.

How to Prevent Hot Weather Summer Tree Problems

1. Heat Stress: without question, heat stress is one of the most common tree issues during the hot summer months. Trees are alive; like humans, they can lose moisture, leading to wilting leaves and scorching. If the leaves on your trees are drooping, take immediate action. Trees under heat stress are susceptible to permanent damage and even death. Water trees regularly during the summer, and if natural shade provided by a bigger tree isn’t available, use shade sails instead.
2. Drought: along with heat stress, drought can have deadly consequences when ignored. Trees suffer from dehydration during drought, which can also lead to leaf scorch and wilting. The best way to combat periods of drought is to water your trees regularly and ensure that you are watering them deeply enough. The experts at Crecraft for Treecraft also recommend mulching around trees to help retain moisture.
3. Pests & Disease: During the hot summer months, trees can be the prime target of pests and disease. Insects, mildew, and bacterial diseases can really do a number on your trees, causing significant health issues if not treated. Inspect your trees regularly for signs of illness, such as changes in leaves and bark, and if you notice anything unusual, contact the experts at Crecraft at Treecraft for immediate assistance.
4. Soil Compaction: Overwatering and foot traffic, among other things, can lead to soil compaction. As the term implies, soil compaction is when the soil around the tree is packed tightly. Soil compaction makes it extremely difficult for the roots to spread and absorb water and other nutrients. Soil compaction can result from irrigation and heavy rain or increased numbers of family gatherings, resulting in increased foot traffic. Your Crecraft for Treecraft technician can aerate the area by poking holes in the soil to allow water, air, and nutrients to reach the root system. Yellow leaves, slow growth, branch dieback, and insect infestations indicate signs of soil compaction.

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The summer heat can affect the livelihood and longevity of your trees. With the proper care and attention, your trees can survive the heat and continue living more robustly and healthier than ever. Heat, drought, pests, and disease are all common issues during the summer, but they can be prevented with the services of your Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service licensed technician. To learn more about caring for your trees during the summer heat, schedule an appointment with your Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service expert for professional tree services, including tree pruning, trimming, removal, planting, maintenance & more!

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