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How to Keep Your Trees Healthy & Strong in Chestnut Hill, PA; Prune Dead or Dying Tree Branches & More

When it comes to trees, shrubs and plants on your property, most people want them to look good, and be healthy and strong. The landscape that you have outside your house is part of the curb appeal. It is important to make sure that your landscape is laid out right and that it is cared for. If you don’t keep working on your landscape the plants will start to die off. If you have hardscape such as rock walkways, pavers, gazebos and outdoor kitchens then you need to have upkeep on those as well. Most landscapes have a variety of items that make up the entire space but there is one that anchors the whole look. The anchor to your landscape are your trees. The trees you have on your property can be a beautiful addition or they can be a disaster. If you have your trees properly cared for they will last for years and years. Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service outlines ways to ensure you have healthy trees.

Pick the Right Tree for Your Yard

The first thing that you need to really consider is what tree you want to have planted. Each species of tree has characteristics that you need to learn about and understand. They are able to flourish and be what you expect only under the right circumstance. You might be limited on the size of the tree that you can have so making sure that the final height and girth of the tree fits. You also want to know what the tree needs to survive in terms of light and space. The right tree is really only part of the process. You also need to make sure that you put the tree in the right place as well. The roots need to have ample space to push down into the ground the branches need to be able to expand whether that is up or out.

Effectively Water Trees

Now that you have the right tree and the right spot you need to focus on the watering system that you choose. Although a drip system is great for lots of plants and shrubs it may not be ideal for your tree. The tree especially in the early stages of life need to have what is called deep watering. The water should be soaking way down in the ground so that the roots want to push that direction. This is what will make the tree stable and strong under adverse conditions. The watering will need to occur on a regular basis all year long for the life of the tree.

Trim & Prune Dead or Damaged Branches

You also want to give your tree the best chance at growth that you can. That is why pruning is so important. There are branches that are actually taking away from the health of the tree. Pruning is great for removing parts of the tree so that the main areas are able to soak in the nutrients and flourish. Spring is an ideal time to remove dead, damaged, overgrown or dying branches. You want to contact a tree service company that can come out and take care of the pruning and other care that your trees might need.

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