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Why is it Important to Trim a Tree in Audubon, PA? Trimming Trees for Beauty, Safety, Health & More

Tree trimming is an important part of your tree’s maintenance and helps maintain your yard’s aesthetics. When you neglect to trim your trees they can develop problems and become a hazard. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to keeping your trees trimmed. Tree Craft Tree Service would like to share the importance and benefits of tree trimming.

Improve the Beauty of Trees

When trees are not kept trimmed, their branches will grow in odd directions, looking a bit misshaped and off balance. For a tree to grow evenly, often it requires a dedicated tree trimmer to watch the tree’s development and trim the branches as needed. Not only does this maintenance keep the tree trimmed, but it also helps keeps the trees’ shape and beauty. Trimming also helps to keep the tree healthy.

Boost Curbside Appeal

When your trees look well-kept and shaped, the entire yard looks better. Trees can play a major role when it comes to the aesthetics of the entire yard. A weak, improperly maintained tree is a major eyesore that regardless as to how the rest of the yard looks, the home and yard looks bad. For better curbside appeal it is recommended to give your trees as much attention as you do the rest of the yard. Your trees can make or break your property’s curbside appeal. For a beautiful yard maintain your tree trimming schedule.

Trimming for Healthier Trees

When trimming your trees, often you remove the branches that are affecting the health of the tree. When a branch has been affected by disease or pests, the branches should be removed. Pests can bore into the branches and weaken the entire tree. When a single branch is affecting the tree, it will send energy and resources to repair the damage. To help reduce the stress on the tree, it is best to remove the affected tree branches.

Trimmed Trees Contribute to a Safe Environment

When a tree branch becomes too heavy for the tree to support, or when a branch becomes weak or damaged, the next mild wind will easy cause the branch to break of the tree and fall. Depending on what is underneath the tree, there may be someone or something at risk. The tree may shade the house and the branch may cause serious damage to the roof, windows and siding of the home. It is common to park your vehicle underneath a tree to help keep it cool. At times the shade the tree can make for the perfect play area. If the tree branch breaks, it can cause major damages and serious injuries. It is wise to keep a tree trimmed to remove weak and damaged branches and prevent overgrowth which can weigh down the tree. By having a tree trimmed you can improve the safety around your loved ones and personal property.

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Tree trimming has its many benefits and necessities. For a homeowner, you’ll want to maintain beautiful, healthy and safe trees that enhance your home and yard appeal. Contact Tree Craft Tree Service and schedule our quality tree trimming and care services today.

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