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Is it Bad to Leave a Tree Stump in the Ground in Lafayette Hill, PA? Attract Termites, Trip Hazard & More

Sometimes, when homeowners are left removing a tree from their property, they won’t completely remove it and leave the stump behind. It is an extra step to have a stump removed from your yard, after all. There is a misconception out there that old tree stumps are harmless and shouldn’t be a top priority as far as removal is concerned. However, there are a number of different reasons why this isn’t the case. Old tree stumps are something that you should always have removed if you are in a position where you’re removing a tree from your property. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about why you need to have tree stumps removed.

Why You Should Remove Old Tree Stumps

Like mentioned above, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t want old tree stumps left on your property. Following are some of the top problems that they can cause:
– Tree Stumps Look Bad: One of the biggest reasons you don’t want a bunch of tree stumps on your property is because of how they look. They will often make it look like you don’t care for your yard and the landscaping looks unkempt. It can have a real impact on the curb appeal of your home if you are interested in selling any time soon.
– Difficult Yard Maintenance: Every homeowner has to think about maintaining their yard. When you have a stump in the middle of your grass, that means you’re going to have to constantly work around it. Many people don’t enjoy doing yard work and don’t appreciate anything like a tree stump that makes the job take longer and requires more work.
– Safety Hazard: If you have a tree stump in the middle of your yard, it can also be a safety hazard. Whether it is older people trying to navigate their way around the yard or kids that are in the middle of playing games, an old stump in the middle of the space can be a real tripping hazard. Heaven forbid someone trip and hit their head on the stump or something like that too.
– Tree Stumps Attract Termites & Pests: Most homeowners don’t like the idea of pest infestation anywhere on their property. When you have an old tree stump that hasn’t been removed, that’s exactly what you might end up with. There are insects like termites and carpenter ants that are extremely attracted too an old tree stump. These can be extremely destructive pests to have around too. It’s best to keep them away at all costs.
– New Tree Growth: No one wants to have new tree shoots popping up around their yard when they have had trees removed. When you leave behind a tree stump, that can easily be something that you’re dealing with.

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If you have a tree stump in your yard that you’re ready to get rid of, you can turn to Tree Craft Tree Service to help you get rid of it with our tree stump grinding and removal services. Call us today!

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