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Why are Dead Trees Bad for Your Radnor, PA Environment? Risk of Tree Falling, Disease & More

No one wants to see any of the beautiful trees on their property die. These dead trees can be a real loss for homeowners. However difficult it may be to take down a dead tree, it is vital that you do so for a number of different reasons. Dead trees on your property can be incredibly problematic. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about some of the ways that dead trees can negatively impact you property and even put those you love at risk.

Why You Need to Remove Dead Trees from Your Property

There are several different reasons why it isn’t a good idea for dead trees to remain standing on your property. Here are some of the ways it can negatively impact your property:
– Aesthetics: When a tree dies, there is nothing beautiful about it anymore. You no longer get to enjoy the beauty of the green leaves and the reprieve that the shade has to offer you. In fact, it can become a black mark on your landscaping and bring down your property value. Once the tree has died, it can do more harm than good when it comes to aesthetics.
– Risk of Tree Falling: There is great danger in any tree that has died and is remaining on your property. Dead trees no longer have the structural support that they need to stay standing. When a tree is healthy and alive, the root system as well as the trunk offer the tree the support needed to keep it upright. When the tree dies, all of that goes away. This can lead to the tree falling at any given time. It can also lose large branches and portions of the tree out of nowhere. Not only can this cause significant property damage, but it can also cause serious injury if there is any person near the tree when it falls.
– Tree Pests: There are several pests that will be attracted to a tree once it has died. Many wood destroying insects including termites and Carpenter ants will take the opportunity to make a dead tree their home. This could lead to these pests traveling to your house and causing property damage there as well.
– Tree Disease: If the cause of death to your tree is fungal or bacterial, it can spread to other shrubbery and plants located in your landscape design. This can often lead to widespread damage to your property. When these diseases run rampant, it can be difficult to get the problem back under control.

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If you have any dead trees on your property, it is always best to leave them up to Tree Craft Tree Service for immediate tree removal. We will make sure these dead trees are no longer an eyesore in your landscape design, but we will also make sure they aren’t a danger to person or property either. Our arborists have the training and expertise needed to safely remove any dead trees from your property. Call us today!

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