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Is Spring Tree Pruning Different from Fall Seasonal Trimming of Trees in Tredyffrin Township, PA?

Keeping your trees healthy as well as beautiful can be a big job. It is especially difficult when you don’t know exactly what they need to thrive. Part of keeping your trees their healthiest is trimming and pruning. This doesn’t mean that you make random cuts to your trees though. This is best done methodically throughout the year for optimal results. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about spring pruning and how it is different from pruning during other seasons.

What Makes Spring Tree Pruning Different?

When it comes to pruning, the weather and temperature are going to play a role in the results that you get. More than likely, you have had your trees pruned at different times of the year for different reasons. When you trim or prune in the fall, you are doing so in a dormant state. This is beneficial as the tree has many months of heating that takes place after making these cuts. However, when you prune in the spring, you are doing what is called restorative pruning. This can be extremely beneficial to your trees.
– Restorative Pruning: There are several reasons why homeowners might need to do restorative pruning during the spring. Perhaps your tree sustained damage during some severe weather recently, or you have a tree that has experienced some damaged due to a pest or fungal infestation. In these types of cases, restorative pruning can help give your tree new life. Restorative pruning during the early spring season will include more dramatic cuts. The spring seasons allows regrowth to take place as we move into the growing season.
– Reduction Pruning: Another type of pruning that is often done in the early spring because of the ideal growing conditions is reduction pruning. Again, the reason for reduction pruning is going to vary from homeowner to homeowner. Maybe your tree has gotten so large that it is starting to obstruct a view that you would like to keep. Other times, the growth of a tree can start to get in the way of things like buildings and power lines. In these cases, it’s best to start thinking about reduction pruning to keep your tree the right size and shape. This is also a form of pruning that will require larger cuts that heal best when done in the early spring.

Dangers of DIY Spring Tree Pruning

Often, when making these dramatic cuts to your trees, you can cause significant damage if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why it is always best to leave this job to the professionals. You wouldn’t want to cause serious damage to your beloved trees by making cuts that aren’t beneficial to the tree.

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If your trees are in need of spring pruning, you can turn to the arborists at Tree Craft Tree Service to get them taken care of. Our extensive experience makes us your leading choice in tree pruning and trimming services. Call us today!

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