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Is Tree Trimming the Same as Pruning in Villanova, PA? Main Reasons are for Aesthetics or Healthier Trees

If you have trees, shrubs and bushes in your yard, you are like most homeowners. When you have this beautiful plant life, you need to know how to care for it and maintain it to keep it healthy and beautiful. This is where trimming and pruning comes into play. If you are like many people, you don’t fully understand the difference between these two services. They both involve cutting back part of the plant, so what is so different about them? Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service is here to talk about what is different between trimming and pruning, because they are two different techniques with different goals in mind.

The Reason for Trimming Trees is Aesthetics

When it comes to plants, they don’t always grow exactly the way you want them to. There may be different portions of the plant that grows faster than others. When this happens, you want to trim those portions back to keep a well-balanced and beautiful plant. Trimming is the process in which you remove overgrowth to enhance the appearance of the plant. Because this is something that you do strictly for the appearance of your plant, you can trim them whenever you deem it necessary and don’t need to wait for a certain time during the growing season to take care of it. Here are some of the reasons it is beneficial for you to trim your plants.
– It will help you maintain that neat appearance you’re looking for.
– Trimming helps them grow more uniformed and keeps their size manageable.
– Multiple stems can be cut at one time to give it that cutback look you’re needing.

Pruning is Good for Plants & Makes Trees Healthier

Pruning on the other hand, is something that is done to ensure your plant is as healthy as possible so it will continue to thrive. If there are any parts of the plant that are damaged or have succumbed to disease, you need to have them removed to save the rest of the plant. Here are the biggest reasons why pruning is so important.
– Training: When you have a young plant in your yard, pruning helps to train them to grow in a certain way for optimal health.
– Quality Production: If you have fruit trees that are going to be giving you food, pruning them can help increase quality production. It allows for more sunlight and oxygen to reach the tree’s interior to promote production.
– Safety: If there are parts of the tree that are diseased or damaged, it is essential that those areas are removed. They can become a safety hazard and fall at any given time. Also, when those areas are removed, the tree can focus on the growth of the remaining portion of the branches left behind.

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If you have trees that are in need of trimming and pruning, you can turn to Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service to take care of it for you. We will help your trees thrive. Call us today!

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