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What are the Signs that a Tree Needs to Be Removed in West Norriton Township, PA?

Many yards, both front and back will have trees. Trees are a major asset to a home. It is never an easy decision to have a tree removed. However, there may come a time when you will need to have one of your trees removed. There are a number of different warning signs or situations where you will need to have a tree removed. Today, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service will like to share the top six major signs that you need to have a tree removed.

Signs that a Tree Needs to be Removed

When a tree isn’t looking very healthy and is dying, it can pose a major threat. Particularly larger trees that have become weakened and unhealthy can sudden come crashing down or you might find large branches give way and break. A professional arborist can help with the final diagnosis of the tree. However as a homeowner, there are a number of different signs you can look for to know when to seek a professional’s opinion. The top signs to look for in a dying or unhealthy tree are:
• Decay that produces fungi like mushrooms, typically around the base of the trunk.
• The trunk has large cracks in the bark and or is peeling or chipping.
• The trunk and branches have cavities.
• The upper crown or canopy of the tree has dead and hanging branches.
• Branches and twigs have failed to develop leaves during the spring season.
• The tree is infested with beetles, termites and other pests.
If you notice one of more of these common warning signs you will want to contact an arborist. An arborist will inspect and assess the tree. If they feel they may be able to save the tree, they will advise you as to what will need to be done. However, if the tree is beyond that point the tree will need to be removed.

What Do I Need to Know Before Removing a Tree?

If the tree is determined to be a risk and needs to be removed, there are a few things you will want to be aware of. First, the size of the tree can greatly determine how a tree is removed. Smaller trees can be quickly cut down and removed from the property. However, larger trees require a bit more planning and equipment to safely remove a tree. For example, large trees are often cut into pieces from the top of the tree, and safely brought down using ropes and pullies. Another consideration is whether or not to have the stump removed. Stump removal is often needed but there are some rare situations you can leave the stump and use it for a unique decoration. Some people will hollow out a stump and make planters out of it or use it for a yard ornament. If the stump has termites or is drawing termites to your yard and home, it is often better to remove the stump.

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If you discover a tree is showing signs that it needs to be removed, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service can come and evaluate your trees and remove them if necessary. For tree removal, trimming and more, contact us today.

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