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When Should You Cut Down Trees in Chestnut Hill, PA? Too Close to House, Storm Damage, Dead Tree & More

While trees on your property can have many benefits, there are times that those beautiful trees will need to be removed. There are several different reasons that can lead to tree removal. It is important that you know some of the signs that may be present when it is time to remove a tree from your property. Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service is here to talk about some of the signs you should be looking for that indicate your tree isn’t in good shape and would be better off if you cut it down.

How Do You Tell if a Tree Needs to Be Removed?

When it comes to the health of your trees, it’s important that you know what to look for. You want to know that the tree in your yard is a safe one. Here are some of the signs that might be present when it’s time to cut ties with a tree.
– Tree Too Close to Your House: You don’t want a tree too close to your home. When trees are too close to houses, the roots can cause all sorts of problems. They can start to damage your foundation. Another problem they cause is mold and mildew growth. This happens when the branches are actually touching the siding on your house.
– Hollow Tree Trunk: You should be inspecting your trees to make sure they are healthy. If you notice that there are cavities or hollowness in the trunk, that is a bad thing. The trunk needs to be solid in order to support the heavy branches.
– Dead Tree Branches: Look at your tree, if you can see that there is a decent portion of the tree that is dead or dying, that is a sign that the tree is no longer healthy and needs to be removed. You shouldn’t see large portions of the branches are dead on a healthy tree.
– Storm Damaged Tree: When a bad storm hits, there is a chance your tree could sustain damage. Severe weather is one of the biggest reasons people take trees down. If you have damage to your trees that has your tree losing large branches or a portion of the trunk itself, it is safest to have the tree removed completely.
– No New Life on Tree: If you haven’t noticed that there is any new growth on your tree for the last couple of years, there is a good chance your tree is in trouble. A healthy tree will have new growth on it every new growing season.
– Dead Tree: Any dead tree on your property should be taken down. If it is no longer alive, it is a safety hazard.

Emergency Hazardous Tree Removal & More in West Norriton Township, Tredyffrin Township, East Norriton, Radnor, Wayne, Saint Davids, Lower Merion Township, Norristown, Upper Merion Township, Phoenixville & Greater King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

If you have any trees on your property that are in need of removal, you can turn to Crecraft For TreeCraft Tree Service. We will safely remove any hazardous trees from your property so that they don’t pose any risk to you or your family. We will also ensure they don’t damage to your home or property during the removal process. Call us today!

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