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Why Hire a Professional Tree Cutter to Trim Your Trees in Norristown, PA? Avoid Hazards & More

When your trees are due for a bit of trimming and pruning you may think “I can do that.” How hard is it to trim a tree? Trimming and pruning a tree is not as simple as many people may assume. Even a small tree will have a ton of factors as to how to trim the tree properly. There is a lot to consider when trimming a tree. There is the tree’s shape, health and other potential safety hazards. There are many reason why a tree should be trimmed by a professional arborist. Today, Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service would like to share some of the benefits of hiring a professional to help prune and trim your trees.

Curbside Appeal of Trees

With proper tree trimming, the tree shapes can be controlled and guided to provide shade and look great. When a tree is left alone, it will grow how it wants to grow and sometimes create safety hazards such as growing into power lines or into a home. It is important that a tree has a good shape and looks full and healthy. An arborist can properly choose which branches need to be cut to help the tree shape and development. With a beautiful tree, your yard will look great and boost your property’s curbside appeal.

Improve the Health of Trees & Prevent Tree Damage

When pruning or trimming a tree, you run the risk of hurting the tree. Improper trimming and pruning of a tree can do more damage and harm than good. It is important that a tree is never over cut. It is said you should never remove more than 20% of a tree or you risk shocking the tree and killing it. The manner on how branches are cut will also affect the tree’s health. For healthy trees you will want to first be able to identify damaged or sickly parts of the tree and have them removed. The next step is shaping the tree while removing branches that are less significant. Some branches are a major body part of the tree that should not be removed unless there is a very good reason. A professional arborist will know what to cut to enhance the tree’s shape and overall health.

Avoid Hazards of DIY Tree Trimming

Trimming a tree, particularly a large tree is very hazardous. Not only will you need to climb up a tree to trim the necessary branches, but those branches can suddenly come crashing down. When it comes to trimming and pruning tree, there is a lot at risk. Anyone could be injured and anything on the property near the tree damaged. A professional arborist follows a number of safety guidelines and takes the needed steps to prevent injury or damages. Branches that can cause harm are tied and controlled as they are being cut. The branches are safely lowered down using ropes and pulley systems. A professional tree service has a crew that is fully trained and equipped for trimming hazardous trees.

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There are many reasons why you will want to have a professional tree service helping you trim and prune your trees. For quality tree services, contact Crecraft for Treecraft Tree Service today!

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