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Why is Stump Removal Important After Cutting Down a Tree in Tredyffrin Township, PA? Safety, Yard Health & More

From time to time, you may discover that you are left with an unsightly stump that has no real benefit or value in your landscaping. They can prove to be a safety hazard among other disadvantages in addition to being an eyesore. Your leading tree expert, Crecraft for TreeCraft Tree Service, can ensure the stump is expertly and completely removed. The benefits and other basics of stump removal is what we would like to share today.

Is it Better to Grind or Remove Tree Stumps?

In order to help avoid holes in your landscape, our stump grinding process at Crecraft for TreeCraft Tree Service simply chips and mulches the stump away. More often than not, the remains are frequently buried with soil and/or fertilizer. In the event an old, sick, or dead tree has fallen, our stump removal service is a better solution than grinding due to the weakened root system that can be easily wrenched out along with the tree or remaining stump. Also, should the tree stump be stricken with disease or insects, the entire stump is removed in order to reduce the risk of other trees getting infected. If it is contaminated, our specialists use heavy-duty equipment that makes quick work of removing the stump, and we have the resources for proper disposal.

Benefits of Stump Grinding & Removal

The top benefits to stump removal are listed below, though there are countless others.
1) Increased Safety. The tree stumps left to rot in the yard can be a hazard, as we previously mentioned. Particularly for any children running around and landscapers providing services, the stumps create a potential obstacle to be tripped over, resulting in injuries.
2) Environmentally Friendly. The stumps are an attraction for a number of insects and the rotting stump can bring an infestation to your landscape that affects other trees and plant life in addition to the increased risk of your home and becoming infested with pests. If the stump is the result of a diseased tree, the stump can still potentially harbor the disease, which will spread to other vegetation. Only as long as the stump is not riddled with disease or pests, the stump can be chopped and recycled into useful mulch for your landscaping.
3) Efficient and Time-Effective. In order to prevent damage to surrounding trees and plants with speed and accuracy, no matter if it is winched out or grinded down professional tree services utilize large machines that will remove the stump.
4) Improve Health of Landscape. The blade on the stump grinding machine creates mulch during the grinding process, and the mulch helps your vegetation to improve the nutrients it can absorb.
5) Prevent Unwanted New Tree Growth. Because it was invading the sewage or septic system or encroaching too close to structures, especially if the originally was cut down, the tree stump can sprout new trees through its roots.

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If you have a stump on your Main Line, PA property, call in the experts of Crecraft for TreeCraft Tree Service and let our specialists safely grind down or remove the stump for you.

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