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What Does a Dying Pine Tree Look Like in King of Prussia, PA? Can You Save Trees Turning Brown?

You may be noticing that your pine tree doesn’t look as beautiful and healthy as it once did. What could be making it sick? There are many things that you can look for on your pine tree to see if it is starting to get sick or die. If you are noticing any of these problems with your pine tree, it is smart to call a professional to get help with your tree.

Brown or Discolored Pine Needles

When you have discolored Pine needles, this is one of the most noticeable signs that something is going on with your pine tree. If you have clumps of brown in the center or brown stripes on the needles it could be that your tree has a disease. You may notice that something is wrong with your tree in sections, such as the top, middle, or bottom half of the tree. When you notice this you want to look deeper at the pine needles and see if they have any brown spots on them.

Pine Needles are Dropping Too Early

Most people know that pine trees keep their needles year-round, but pine trees still lose some needles at the beginning of fall. This usually starts happening when the tree is between 2 to 3 years old. If you notice that the needles are dropping too early or too often, that is when it starts to become a problem and something could be wrong with your tree.

Pinecones have Black Spots

Your pinecones should not have spots on them. If you are noticing that your pinecones have small black spots on them, then this means that your tree has a fungal disease. If your tree has a fungal disease, you will also notice the pine needles will be turning brown. If you notice these, you want to make sure that you get your tree checked so that you do not lose your tree.

Pine Tree Losing Branches

Pine trees are pretty strong trees, and they should not have branches break very often. They should be able to hold the weight of their branches. Though it is normal for branches to break during a storm, it is not normal for them to be weak and randomly break. If your tree has some type of fungal disease, this can cause the branches to break easily, crack, grow at weird angles, and fall off.

Holes & Sawdust from Bugs

A pine tree is a great home for bugs and pests. If you get a bark beetle on your pine tree, they will make it their home, breed, and eat on your pine tree. You may see small holes on your branches, or even sawdust around the plants from these bugs, most of the time these bark beetles will not attack a healthy tree, but if you are noticing these bark beetles on your pine tree you will start having problems.

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If you are noticing that your pine tree looks like it is starting to die, then there is a reason and something going wrong with your pine tree. The best thing you can do is to hire a professional like Tree Craft Tree Service to come and check out your tree and see what is going on and if anything can be done to help it become healthy again.

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