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Why Prune Trees During Winter in Collegeville, PA? Prevent Tree Branch Breakage & More

Even though all the leaves have dropped from your trees and for the most part, your landscaping seems to be in a slumber, it isn’t the time to forget about your trees. While it is a nice rest for homeowners during the winter, you shouldn’t completely forget about your trees when they are in dormancy. There are benefits that come from doing some pruning during the winter season. Tree Craft Tree Service is here to talk about the ways that your trees can benefit from some winter TLC.

How Do Some Trees Change from Summer to Winter?

It might seem like tree care during the winter doesn’t make sense, but there is quite a lot you can do for the health of your trees while they are dormant. Pruning your trees during this time of the year carries with it many different benefits. Following are some of the ways that your tree will be better off when it is pruned during the winter:
– Improved Appearance: When you prune in the spring, it can leave your tree with some gaps as you have cut out a bunch of new growth. Doing the pruning during the winter will allow the new growth to cover up any cuts that were made and the appearance will be much better.
– Prevents Tree Branch Breakage: As your tree grows, it’s normal for some parts to be heavier and more overgrown than others. Removing these portions of the tree will help it grow in a more balanced way and reduce the amount of breakage that would happen from ultra heavy branches.
– Less Tree Pests: When you prune your trees in the winter, you are far less likely to struggle with a pest infestation issue.
– Increased Tree Strength: Your tree needs to be strong enough to handle severe weather that is found in the winter. Removing damaged or weak portions of the tree will leave your tree stronger than before.
– Less Tree Stress: It can be stressful for a tree to prune it while it isn’t dormant. There will be more healthy growth when you prune during dormancy.
– Tree Canopy Visibility: It is far easier to see where pruning needs to take place when there aren’t a bunch of leaves in the way. During the dormant season, your tree will be bare, and the cuts will be more precise because of it.
– Increased Sunlight in Tree Canopy: All trees need a certain amount of sunlight to live. When you prune out overcrowded areas of the tree, it allows the sunlight to penetrate all areas of the tree. This will help it grow much better. It also increases the sunlight to the ground level plants around the tree.

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If you need to prune your trees, it is important that you leave it up to the professionals at Tree Craft Tree Service rather than attempting to do it on your own. Pruning is a science that can hurt your tree when it isn’t done properly. Call us today!

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